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SETINA HK0810ITU16 PB6 Headlight Guard With PB5 Wrap Fits 2012-2019 Ford Interceptor Utility

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Product Details
Brand: Setina
Vehicle: Ford Interceptor Utility
Light Ready: No
Year: 2012
Year : 2013
Year : 2014
Year : 2015
Year : 2016
Year : 2017
Year : 2018
Year : 2019

Fender Guard Style


PB6 Features

P.I.T. Fender Guards, constructed of Heavy Duty Boxed Extruded Aluminum Alloy

Rugged Mar-Resistant Solid Core Rubber Push Pads

Heavy-Duty, Steel mounting bracket system

Superior bracket edge-rounding process designed for maximum adherence of primer and powder coat finish

PB6 Specs

Upper Headlight Guards constructed of 1.25″ Steel Tubing

3 Stage OEM Approved Primer & Exterior Finish Meets Automaker’s Specifications for Maximum Durability

All Mounting Hardware meets or exceeds Automotive PPAP Corrosion Standard PS10180

All Hardware is coated with ASTM-B-117, and salt-Spray tested for protection against white and red rust


Not compatible with ford option code 21l (warning auxiliary lamps)

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