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FEDERAL SIGNAL MPS32U-AW MicroPulse Ultra 6-LED light head Amber/White Dual-Color Surface Mount 12/24 Vdc Clear Lens LED

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Product Details
Brand: Federal Signal
Color: Amber/White
Mode: Dual-Color
  • Superior warning with high-powered LEDs
  • Low-profile design offers a wider range of mounting locations
  • (25) Selectable flash patterns
  • Clear and Smoked lens models available
  • SpectraLux® multicolor LED technology in combinations of Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White
  • FSLink™ allows for synchronization across multiple products
  • FSJoin™ enables the synchronization and programming of light bars and exterior/interior lights that works in conjunction with the Pathfinder® Siren
  • 12/24 Vdc
  • Suitable for external and/or internal mounting applications
  • Includes Black bezel and gasket, optional bezels available in Chrome or White
  • Single/multi-unit synchronization
  • Designed and assembled in University Park, IL USA
  • Five-year warranty



  • IP67 rated, moisture and dustproof
  • SAE J845, Class 1 (Amber, Blue, Green, Red, and White)*
  • NFPA 1901**
  • CCR Title 13**
  • GSA KKK-A-1822**
  • R65**

** Flash patterns meeting these specs are noted in the instruction manual

* SAE J845 for smoked lens models are Class 2 (Blue, Red, and White)

Highly Effective, Ultra Slim Warning Light
The MicroPulse® Ultra models have a low-profile design that offers a broader range of mounting options to fit various applications. The advanced high-output LED light head can be programmed to operate as a single unit or synchronize with multiple light heads. Built-in flash patterns enable multiple vehicle perimeter lights to be either synchronized in the same pattern or opposite sequence.

MicroPulse Ultra Slim Size Comparison

Built to Stand Up to the Most Punishing Conditions
The MicroPulse® Ultra lens is made of US resistant polycarbonate to protect against harsh conditions. Models include a fully encapsulated water-proof housing, which provides a barrier against moisture and condensation. All MicroPulse Ultra perimeter lights are backed by Federal Signal’s five-year warranty.

A Versatile Solution for any Warning Light Application
Suitable for external and/or internal mounting applications, the MicroPulse Ultra comes in many colors, including Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White, in single-, dual-, and tri-color combinations. Models come standard with a Black bezel and are also available with an optional Chrome or White bezel. Models come in a Clear lens, or a Smoked lens option for a more low-profile operation.

FSJoin™ Compatible
MicroPulse Ultra models are FSJoin™ compatible. FSJoin is a programming compatibility feature of Federal Signal’s light bars and exterior/interior warning lights that work in conjunction with the Pathfinder light/siren controller. The combination of FSJoin warning lights and the Pathfinder siren allows the Pathfinder® to control lights around the vehicle by utilizing flash patterns in the siren, syncing/alternating light heads, and dimming light heads. FSJoin compatible products can be programmed through the Convergence Network Configuration Software, simplifying the programming of multiple warning lights and light bars.

Compatibility with Older MicroPulse® Ultra Models

  • New MicroPulse Ultra models will not synchronize with older MicroPulse Ultra models.
  • New MicroPulse Ultra models will synchronize with existing X Series models. This includes MicroPulse Ultra X Series, MicroPulse Wide Angle X Series, 416300 X Series, and 416900/416910 X Series models

FSLink Compatible
MicroPulse Ultra models feature FSLink, a built-in software technology that incorporates a shared set of flash patterns within Federal Signal’s LED perimeter lights, interior lights, and beacons. This shared flash pattern software allows the various products to be wired together, set in a common pattern and then synchronized together to flash simultaneously or alternately.

Wiring Diagram
FSLink products feature (5) programming wires. Wire functions are consistent across all FSLink products allowing for ease of programming.

MicroPulse Ultra Compatibility Chart

Programming Features

  • (3) Programming modes
  • (3) Brightness setting (full, dim, and cruise)
  • FSLink compatibility to sync products simultaneously or alternately
  • Flash color select
    • MPS3U can operate as a single- or dual-color light
    • MPS6U/MPS12U can operate as a single-, dual-, or tri-color light
  • Color order select
  • Split flash select
    • MPS3U = full flash
    • MPS6U = full flash and left/right
    • MPS12U = full flash, left/right, top/down, and criss-cross


Voltage 12/24 Vdc
Current Draw @12 Vdc 0.4 A 0.75 A 1.5 A
Current Draw @24 Vdc, 50% flash rate 0.2 A 0.4 A 0.75 A
Operating Temp. -40˚ to +176˚ F (-40˚ to +80˚ C)
Fuse 2 A
Physical Specifications
Length 3.5 in (8.8 cm) 5.2 in (13.2 cm) 5.3 in (13.5 cm)
Width 0.4 in (1.0 cm)
Height 1.3 in (3.3 cm) 1.9 in (4.8 cm)
Ship Weight 0.10 lb (0.5 kg) 0.13 lb (0.06 kg) 0.20 lb (0.09 kg)


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