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FEDERAL SIGNAL Rumbler Low-Frequency Siren for Police Vehicles

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Product Details
Brand: Federal Signal
  • Rumbler low frequencies deliver up to 10 dB more sound pressure inside civilian vehicles near emergency vehicle—getting attention and clearing traffic more effectively than a standard siren tone
  • Low-frequency tones work simultaneously with primary siren
  • Produces penetrating/vibrating low-frequency sound waves
  • Interacts with most 100/200 W emergency vehicle siren amplifiers
  • Enabled via any emergency vehicle steering wheel horn ring
  • Eight-second safety timer provides automatic tone shutdown
  • Highly effective in dense urban environments with heavy vehicle traffic
  • Three-year warranty


The Rumbler®, traffic clearing system demonstrates the long-standing commitment of Federal Signal to continue as the technological leader in an audible warning and operator safety.

Improves Traffic Warning Effectiveness
The Rumbler introduces a revolutionary new concept to audible warning through its ability to interact with most 100/200 W siren amplifiers and provide secondary, low-frequency duplicate tones. Low-frequency tones have the distinct advantage of penetrating solid materials allowing vehicle operators and nearby pedestrians to FEEL the sound waves.
Secondary System with Built-in Safety
The Rumbler system senses the primary siren tone signal and reduces the signals’ frequency by 75%. It then amplifies the sound through a pair of high output woofers. The system’s timer allows the tone to sound for eight seconds, provides a highly effective warning, and automatically shuts off. The Rumbler is particularly effective when used in dense urban environments with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. A complete Rumbler traffic clearing system consists of an amplifier, with built-in timer and two subwoofers. Vehicle specific mounting hardware is ordered separately. This system can be paired with most 100/200 W emergency siren amplifiers.

Compatible Federal Signal Siren Models
The Following Federal Signal siren models are compatible with the Rumbler System when used with a Federal Signal speaker(s).

*Note: EQ2B(Legacy) amplifiers are not compatible.

Pathfinder Integrated Rumbler Capability

  • Pathfinder + (1) 100 W siren speaker = single-tone, standard PA
  • Pathfinder + (2) 100 W siren speaker = dual-tone, standard PA
  • Pathfinder + (1) 100 W speaker + (1) or (2) Rumbler woofers = single tone, Rumbler, Enhanced PA
  • Pathfinder + (2) 100 W siren speakers + RUMBLER-3 (includes two woofers) = Rumbler, dual-tone siren, standard PA (one channel will Rumble)
  • Pathfinder + (1) or (2) Rumbler woofers + (2) 100 W siren speakers + MS4000 = dual-tone, Rumbler, Enhanced PA


Audio Output Power 80 W
Input Voltage 9/15 Vdc
Nominal Output Voltage 64 V peak-to-peak
Standby Current 0.025 A
Operating Temp. -22˚ to +149˚ F (-30˚ to +65˚ C)
Polarity Negative ground only
Frequency Range 182 to 400 Hx
Physical Specifications Amplifier Rumbler Woofer
Length 5.7 in (14.48 cm)
Width 6.3 in (15.57 cm)
Height 1.3 in (3.49 cm) 8.5 in (21.6 cm)
Diameter 7.25 in (18.4 cm) each
Ship Weight 19.0 lb (8.62 kg)


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